How Slots and Hockey are Both Definitely Not Figure-Skating

Consider the elegant figure skater. She (because chicks are generally more graceful on the rink anyways) glides, pirouettes, and caresses the icy rink with finesse. This dainty ritual is not the way of the hockey game. While sharing the ice, hockey by comparison is a fiercely competitive adrenaline rush, a calculating thrill that has been encapsulated and displayed in the Break Away online slot. This hockey-centric machination plays a prominent role in the 3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament.


break_away_online_slotMark your calendars for 2015/10/17. This tourney caps it’s entry pool off at 1000 players. 12 EUR gets you a seat in one of the most competitive online slot tournaments in history.


The Break Away video slot captures the pulse-pounding atmosphere of a packed hockey game and wraps it around the reels. Visuals and audio are all accounted for in this unique gaming experience, complete with hockey-themed animations and sound effects. Below are some of the essential features of this video slot:

  • 5 reels and varied paylines offer a cumulative 243 paths to riches!
  • Easy-to-read game instructions placed conspicuously within sight for expedited playing
  • Access free spins with Scatter and Rolling Reels features!
  • Stacked Wilds and Smashing Wilds boost frequency of Wild symbols, maximizing profit!


Are you ready to Break Away into stardom? Find out today!