Tips and Strategies

Playing online slot games, or any online casino game for that matter, comes with some level of risk so it is always important to play responsibly and take a few key points into consideration before having a go at the reels. We’ve put together a helpful list of tips to help make your online slots experience a good, safe one that is also hopefully truly rewarding. Play casinos online and make extra cash.

  1. Bet at a level that you can afford and that suits your bank balance.
  2. Never try and chase your losses, accept it and try again another day.
  3. Play Progressive Slots with winnings.
  4. Always try play the Max Bet whenever possible, this increases your chances of winning as well as the potential payout amount.
  5. Take part in casino competitions and make use of any bonuses or specials on offer.
  6. Get to know the minimum and maximum wagering requirements of any slot you’re about to play.
  7. Always stick to your pre-determined gambling budget. This will ensure that you don’t overspend or lose more than you can afford.
  8. Set yourself some win and loss limits. When you reach them, it’s time to walk away. No matter what.
  9. Read the games pay tables before you start playing.
  10. Try and go for high-level, mid-range payoffs.
  11. Check the payout reports at any casino you’re playing at. Good payouts are usually anything over 90%.
  12. Before playing a slot game, check the odds on the game. Usually those with higher value coin requirements offer better odds.
  13. Know when to quit.
  14. Play for the entertainment factor and not because you ‘need’ to win.
  15. Play smart and walk away a winner.

Using these tips, I won a lot of money at So if you ever doubt that they work, the swelling of my pockets may convince you otherwise.